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Before you read this blog, I would like you to consider:

1. I do not support the way Zelaya was ousted and sent to exile.
2. He should have been publicly accused before his detention.
3. He should have been declared unfit to rule, arrested, judged and condemned.
4. I do think the military acted upon a judicial order.
5. I do think this is not another traditional coup but instead its the product of the frustration of not knowing how to stop the placement of a democratic dictatorship in Honduras.

Things that should be exposed and covered by objective media:
1. The resignation letter he supposedly signed.
2. All his crimes.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honduras "Coup" the True Story

Zelaya´s plot to break the constitutional order and the rule of law in our country has led us into a profound social and political crisis, on which he has bet all of his success on the generation of hatred between classes. His actions have been marked by dividing and confusing Honduran people by adopting the style, advice and funding from left-wing leaders such as Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro, Evo Morales, Rafael Correa and Daniel Ortega.

He has been leading the country without having submitted a budget of revenues and expenditures for the current year so that he can not be made accountable for diverting government funds on the so-called project "Cuarta Urna" (poll or survey) and he also has been able to intimidate the legislature and courts by limiting the legal transfer of resources so that they can not operate normally, to the extent that they have had to dismiss employees.

He tried to buy the loyalty of the Armed Forces by offering more than 200 million Lempiras in order to build the first phase of the Palmerola airport without the military having to make the normal procurements by calling this an emergency measure...but Thank God! That the Armed Forces kept faithful to the Constitution.

In the attachment you will find the "drop that spilled the cup", since after a court declared the "not binding" poll illegal and another jurisdictional court rejected a claim ...he chose to say that the bourgeoisie, power groups and oligarchies were behind this proclamation. Is it possible that laws should be respected or disregarded at his convenience?

It also demonstrates that the ex-president was not seeking for a mere opinion through his so-called consultation, since the decree included a last-minute change. After months of declaring it as a harmless poll and ensuring he would only ask: Do you agree to install a Fourth Urn in the general elections of 2009?; he changed the question substantially at the time of its publication in the Official Gazette dated June 25 reading: Do you agree to install a Fourth Urn in which the people decide the convocation of a National Constituent Assembly in the general elections of 2009?

June 25 was last Thursday...the decree was issued in the Journal until late Friday 26...the rest of the government acknowledged this until Saturday 27 and the survey was to be held on Sunday 28...Can deduct his true intentions?

Now he is trying to appear as a martyr and seeks to destabilize our country with the incursion of people through the Nicaraguan border that will act like Hondurans while they create chaos and disorder. Too bad you were not witnesses of the authoritarianism with which he has been leading the other two branches of government, referring to the church (to Christ), journalists and "bourgeois" citizens (the US Ambassador Hugo Llorens can verify all of this). He reacts harshly to anyone who does not approve his proceedings and declares them incompetent, superficial and bribed (court and prosecutors) who established the illegality of such a consultation.

On the other hand, he fills his mouth by saying that he managed to gather more than 420,000 signatures in support of it, but he did it by threatening public employees with their dismissal, by bribing the most humble sectors of our society, by conditioning treatment to sick people that attended public hospitals and by union leaders of the worst sort.

I personally would have preferred to declare him unable to govern, arrest him and condemn him; but the other two branches of government had to act promptly because of the circumstances mentioned before in order to stop him from reporting the results of the poll; since it became imminent Honduras has going to succumb under the type of government that today preaches in Venezuela.

In addition, results were going to be announced through the National Institute of Statistics, a government body completely under his control and that under Honduran law is by no way the correct government body to announce a consultation or whatever it was (another abuse of authority). This action by no means guaranteed the veracity of the results of the survey. He also made it mandatory for public employees to assist.

He refused to reconsider any of his proceedings and declared one time after another there was nothing to be done in order to stop this poll from taking place.

Ironically, apart from the international refusal to recognize we are only defending our democracy and the risk of being destabilized or overrun by extremists ...he is inheriting us a country that is completely bankrupt and we will have to devalue our currency and add new taxes to improve the heavily deteriorated public finances.

Our consolation is that at least we are truly defending our democracy as a whole and, most important, are keeping our freedoms intact.
That is, if he does not return.

Abraham Lincoln

This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.